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Aim Training Testing tool enables you to check & boost your aiming skills & performance online in order to perform better in fps shooting games.
There are a lot of games in the market now a day, which require players to aim and shoot at a certain static and moving target.  It requires a lot of dedication and focuses to play and perform in such games. These games bring with them fun and excitement as well as stress for the users who cannot perform well. Getting killed again and again by your enemies gets you frustrated and even more, frustration is generated when you can’t even kill your enemies as revenge.

This aiming is performed by the “mouse” and it can be overcome by adjusting the sensitivity of the mouse from your settings. Sensitivity makes your mouse movement more quick and responsive within a certain period of time. And even if changing the sensitivity of a mouse does not help you, you can come online and play “AimBooster” games available for everyone in the market.

What is Mouse Sensitivity?

It is basically a time period in which the mouse needs to move its cursor to the shooter. If your sensitivity is low, then your mouse will be less responsive and need much time to go to the shooter. The high sensitivity mouse makes large angles of cameras with a high speed of aiming.

What is AimBooster?

A tool that is being used by thousands and thousands of gaming geeks now days to help improve their aiming skill, time and technique, response to a certain attack and target, reduction in time while aiming and firing at the same time. The Aim Trainer can help a noob gamer to become a pro gamer in just week’s time.


It comes with multiple mouse training options for an individual which he/she lacks. Simply spending time online using these tools, can help gamers to improve their killing skills, can bring a huge reduction in time while locating certain targets, can increase their clicking and movement speed within a certain time frame.

Some people are born with these skills and others can attain them by practicing again and again with such tools available. Just in a matter of weeks, an individual can attain a status of a pro gamer by using these tools.

Why use an Aim Trainer?

Aim Booster is also known as Aim Trainer keeps you highly focused for starters. Aim Trainer encourages frequent aim practicing without any worrying about being killed by the enemies. It also sort of provides you real-time feedback for more efficient aim training. There are a lot of aim testing sessions, which would ensure the players do not lose their interest while practicing. It is directly connected to the mouse sensitivity part which would enhance your aiming skills even if the sensitivity of the mouse is low.

It provides all the settings and support for first-person shooter games. The core purpose is to develop mouse accuracy skills that would end up creating excellent aims. It’s a step-by-step process, which would in the end result in the best aiming techniques. This tool helps every player to reach their optimal conditions and level. If you don’t have much time, you can go for a training session and you can manage accordingly.

Does Aim Training Helps?

Of course, it helps. That’s the only key purpose of creating this online gaming tool. The reasons as specified earlier in the session help you aim perfectly without having second thoughts. Using this aim tester online tool reduced the pressure of getting killed again and again. With no pressure on your back, you can use this tool with ease and master it.

The human mind works in mysterious ways and one of the ways is having no pressure at all. So when you are playing this game online, your mind is as relaxed as having a sip of a drink in Hawaii. With no outside pressure, your focus is on killing the targets that appear in front of you randomly. In this scenario, there is no opponent but you. And as the studies have shown, the best competitor one can have is him/herself.

Aim Tester helps you to focus on one thing at a time and by taking baby steps master every little issue you have. Any professional human being does not try to master every move at the same time. They take their time and slowly and steadily master every move that needs to be mastered over a specific period of time.

Similarly, if you are bad at aiming and shooting, Aim Practice would help you just do that, and when you are accurate enough you can move to another discrepancy that you have and master that.

Aiming mouse accuracy practice through Aim train is available 24/7. You just need to have a working internet connection and a tablet or a laptop, attached with them a mouse. At any given time of the day, when you have some free time, you can go online and enjoy practicing and mastering your discrepancies.

An actual game requires an hour or so to finish, while Aim Training Test does not need a full hour of your time to shoot and kill some enemies and get your frustration out. If an individual has, like fifteen minutes of their free time, they can open their laptop and start playing the Aiming Test. If you feel like quitting, you just QUIT and nothing will happen to your score or position in the game. You can start over anytime you want.

If you are not on your own personal computer, you can use this tool to test the mouse sensitivity and adjust that accordingly. It can be used for dual purposes as well.

Benefits of Aim Booster

Today, aim training is available to most gamers who are looking for ways to improve their skills. The market of these products has become more and more popular in recent years thanks to their great impact on the gaming community. There are many reasons why people use it but one thing they have all in common – they want something better. With an aim trainer, you can make this happen.

The main aim of these products is to improve the accuracy and speed of shooter games such as Counter-Strike, Call Of Duty, or Battlefield. The idea behind it: you train like a professional player would do in order to get better results while playing yourself. This process requires time but with constant practice, you can achieve great improvement in a short time.

The aim of the products is not only to help gamers get better results in their games but also to provide them with an easier way of getting there by giving tips and tricks on how best to use it for training purposes. A good example would be Counter-Strike: Global Offensive where your connection quality affects your gameplay directly. The aim trainer is designed to help players get more out of their gameplay.

Some of the major benefits of aiming test, but not limited to, are as follow;

  • it helps you in improving your focus
  • it improves your aiming skills to get your target more quickly
  • no registration required
  • available 24/7 to practice on improving your skills
  • don’t need any game integration to play aiming booster
  • helps in improving your clicking skills

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The goal of Aim Booster

The goal of this magnificent web-based tool is to improve the skills of the players while shooting their enemies and winning. The Aim Boosters is not only a training session for a player but sometimes when you are not in the mood of playing with an opponent; you can play with yourself online. This would give you the satisfaction of playing a game as well as help you improve your shooting skills, your focus, and also your reaction time to a certain target. It’s like killing two birds with a single stone.

Aiming Test – FAQ’s

What is an aim trainer?

Aim trainer is the best online tool to test, practice, control & improve mouse aiming skills to hit the targets in fps shooter games perfectly and efficiently.

How to train with Aim Booster / Aim Trainer?

Aim training and aim testing become pretty simple when you come to test our best mouse aim trainer. All you need is to go top of this page where the aim training game is. Click on the precision test to start your aiming test. As soon as you see the red balls, you are supposed to aim and hit each and every ball. Try to hit as many balls as you can before you went out of available three lifelines.

How does aim booster help in improving aim?

  • it helps you in improving your focus
  • it improves your aiming skills to get your target more quickly
  • no registration required – yes it is totally free for a lifetime
  • available 24/7 to practice on improving your skills
  • don’t need any game integration to play aiming booster
  • helps in improving your clicking skills

How to test aiming skills?

Testing aiming skills with a mouse aim trainer is very easy. Simply, just start playing the aiming practice game on the top of this page. You need to hit as many balloons as you can before you run out of lifelines.

What is the AimBooster World Record?

The world record of aim booster and aim trainer is 4:31 (four minutes and thirty-one seconds), Andrew J. held this record for playing the aim trainers game for this long.

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