Butterfly Click Test

What is Butterfly Clicking?

Butterfly Clicking is a clicking technique to click both mouse buttons as fast as you can with two fingers instead of just one. Using the index finger and middle finger is the most common way to do this test. If done correctly, you’ll be able to achieve more clicks per second using this method. Butterfly Click Testing is a much more complicated and quick technique than Jitter Clicking.

How to butterfly click?

Butterfly Click is a specific clicking method in which the user/player clicks rapidly on both mouse buttons, right and lest using his index finger as well as the middle finger. The right way is to click on the left mouse button, and at the same time move upward your middle finger to get ready with it to click on the mouse right button.

butterfly clicking

Using the same method simultaneously with the swing of both fingers is called the “Butterfly Click Test”. Butterfly Speed Test is very similar to Kohi Clicking as in both methods you are supposed to click the mouse button using the index finger and middle finger. Mainly, there is only one difference i.e. in kohi click test you only press the mouse left button with both fingers.

In the Butterfly click speed test, on the other hand, you tend to press both mouse buttons – the left button with the index finger and the right button with the middle finger.

Butterfly clicking test is a far faster method than Jitter clicking, used to know about your butterfly click speed.

Butterfly Test – FAQ’s

Is Butterfly Clicking fast?

Yes, butterfly click is a faster method than Standard clicking, Kohi and Jitter click testing, to check your clicking speed. But not faster than Auto Clicking Method.

Is Butterfly Clicking Safe?

Yes, the butterfly click method is entirely safe to be used on regular basis. Primarily, it does not put extensive pressure on your fingers while clicking, so like so jitter clicking does.

Can the butterfly clicking technique be used for the single button?

Yes, you can use this technique in both ways – you can use it for testing your speed for a single mouse button as well as for both mouse buttons.

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