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Click Counter – Clicker Counter is an online counting tool used to count total number of clicks of any objects, money, mouse clicks, people, inventories, tasbih, exercise rep counts and many more. It’s also known as online tally counter.



What is Click Counter?

Click Counter online tool is intend to build in order to count the total number or total clicks without using any time limitation. With the help of this amazing clicks counting tool, you can easily count the number of any thing. Unless any other online counter, this tool allows you to edit your counting score if you clicked more or less. It also allows you to reduce the mistaken or false clicks you performed during your counts / clicks.

Types of Click Counter

Mouse Click Counter

Mouse counter works exactly in the same manners as the name holds i.e. counts the number of mouse button clicks in particular time frame.

As mentioned above mostly players use clicks counter per second to test their clicking speed. So a question arises here that what is the average clicks per second speed? Averagely, most of the users can perform 6 to 9 clicks in a second easily. Hence, if you can do anything above that, for instance, more than 10 clicks in one second that would be considered a faster clicking speed over average cps speed.

Keyboard Click Counter

Keyboard counter is being used to check left button of keyboard or mouse pad on your laptop. Just like mouse click counter, keyboard counter is an online click counter which counts number of keyboard clicks in limited time.

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How to use Clicker Counter Online?

Clicker Counter online tool is very easy to use you don’t need any specific skill set or training in order to count your clicks. Even if you are going to use for the very first time you can do it with ease. Anyways,  a brief description is mentioned below with pictorial info graphic just to make you more comfortable during your click counting;

click counter

  • Go to upper section of this page
  • There you will find click counter tool
  • Click on more if you want to use for two objects or two different purposes simultaneously
  • If you want to use this stand alone then don’t click on more
  • To count your numbers simply start click on plus (+) button sign, on every click a number will be increased
  • You can use minus (-) button sign when you mistakenly click twice instead of single click, this will reduce one number
  • Finally, to start from zero click on cross (X) button sign to clear your previous counts

Click Counter Useful Features

As mentioned above this tool can be very helpful in counting numbers / clicks of any thing online. A brief list of it’s useful feature is mentioned below:


Online click counter is also known as mouse click counter which counts total mouse clicks you performed during testing your mouse button. This Mouse counter doesn’t have any restriction regarding number of clicks and time duration. It is an infinite clicks counter tool, therefore user is free to click as much as he /she wants and as longer as he /she need to be clicked. The other name people using for this tool is CLICKS COUNTER to perform the same tasks.

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Mouse Clicker Counter is the best click counter tool precisely design to count mouse clicks online. Commonly, with the help of this online mouse counter, any one can test his / her clicking speed as well as to test mouse clicking efficiency. Primarily, people use the mouse clicker to test, compare and to choose best mouse with best of the best clicking accuracy and efficiency in order to out perform in Player vs Player games.


An online tally counter tool is being used to count the number of something transient and increment. Most commonly, it is being used to count people, animals, and objects which are moving one place to another. Let’s take an example to understand it simply. For instance you are travelling in a car and you want to count the number of car you have overtake over the road. So rather counting the number of cars on your fingers or mind and memorizing you can use this free online tally counter.

There is an other domain of tally counter which is most commonly known as Digital Tally Counter or Electronic Tally Counter. This are physical tally counter.


Online number counter very similar and being used as same as the online tally counter. In other way you can also say that number counter tool is the other name variation of tally counter being used by people. It helps in counting number of any thing, person and object in the same manner.

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As the name tells the whole story, online inventory counter can be use to count the number of your material, goods and stocks. It can also be used to count the number of transaction, papers or any thing which you want to count in your office or any other workplace.


Online Tabeeh (tasbih) counter – this is an other amazing feature of this clicks counting tool. Commonly, every person has desired for something  & wants to get accomplished his prey. So in order to get his desire, fulfill he recite some Dua’s. Therefore this tasbeeh counter is very useful in order to count preys online.


Primarily, this online clicker counter can also be used to count number of any object or any thing. Commonly, object counter is a device which counts number of objects passing through. Instead of that this online object counter is being used by people intent to count objects & things passing near or they are passing over.


Counting the Exercise rep is also an other useful feature of this Click Counter. Exercise Reps is short form of exercise repetitions. Therefore reps are number of time people perform the same task in a row.Exercise rep counter

Why is Clicker Counter popular among people?

Well, as name clearly describes the core functionality of Click Counter. It is a free online mouse click counter which is being used to test and count the total number of mouse clicks in a given limited time. People love to use this tool as per their desired needs which are vary to each other. Some people use this clicker counter to test their clicking speed, some use to practice and improve their clicking / pressing speed in order to perform better in games like Minecraft.

According to our analysis and statistical numbers, majority of gamer use this CPS Clicker Counter to beat the highest clicking records achieved by other gamer and obviously, to set their own record. Every one loves to be popular and gain fame, setting the highest clicking speed score, result in to get them fame worldwide. All they have to do is to use these type of tools, to practice, to polish and masters in clicking techniques.