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What is Clicker Test?

As the name openly tells us, Click Test is another tool for measuring Clicking Test in a given time frame. Click Tester is held for variety of different scenarios. By definition, Clicker Test is a method for measuring the usability of a website, application or design by finding out how easy it is to complete a given task.

Click Tester allows you to ask users to carry out a specific task, letting you isolate and investigate user’s behavior around each different scenario separately. You don’t need to confuse between Click Test and Click Tester. Some people call it by a different name. Usage of both is the same.

What is the use of Click Speed Test?

Click Speed Test, as the name tells, determines how many times a person can click on a mouse button in a given time frame. This speed test allows a person to test their finger speed on a mouse button to define how speedily they can click and how active they are. The faster they click the mouse button, the faster and more clicks speed they get. The average time is sixty (60) seconds.

What are types of Click Test?

There are different types of clicking tests which can be used to measure clicking speed of the people.

Mouse Test: One of the methods to calculate the clicking speed is through a mouse. How many times a person clicks a left mouse button in a specific given time frame would calculate his/her clicking speed ability. Generally, click speed test is calculated for 5 seconds. But it can be varied from the menu options.

Scroll Test is an other useful and famous testing method among game lovers. In this test people tend to find their mouse scroll wheel rolling speed as well as scroll button functionality test.

Spacebar Test: The other method of calculating the clicking speed is via Space bar. The method and the criteria is the same like mouse test. Number of times a person clicks/presses the space bar key within a given time frame. Generally this is also calculated for 5 seconds times frame. The time frame can also be changed according as per user requirements from the menu options.

How to click faster to improve your click speed score?

Well, that is easy. There are certain methods that can be used to calculate and improve your clicking speed. These tests can be found online and also there are games created to improve your Clicking Speed Test. Some of the very well known methods are listed below.

Standard Clicking

For the starters and easiest of them all, is the regular clicking. This method is used on daily basis by everyone using personal computers. Every time someone opens a folder, he/she double click or single clicks it. Using mouse to control and open different folders, helps you develop a sense of using a mouse and knowing when to click.

It does not really help you increase your cps speed but gets you the knowledge of using a mouse and getting familiar with the buttons and techniques. You can even adjust sensitivity of the mouse click from the control panel which is there in the operating system of your personal computer. The average clicking speed by this method varies from 3 to 6 clicks in a second.

Jitter Click Test

Jitter Clicking Test is a method for clicking mouse button at a very high speed. It involves generating hand vibrations in a very controlled way and transmitting the vibrations to the finger in several mouse clicks within a span of few seconds. With this technique, gamer have achieved insanely high click per second in jitter clicking test but it is really difficult to master and requires a lot of practice. By this technique, people can achieve 10 to 15 clicks in 1 second if done properly.

Butterfly Clicking Test

Butterfly Clicking is clicking your mouse as fast as you can with two fingers instead on one. This is usually done by Index Finger and Middle Finger. Therefore giving you higher clicks per second if done properly. Butterfly Clicking is much more advanced and rapid than the Jitter Clicking. Through this technique, people can attain a score of 18 to 24 clicks per second, which is way more than of Jitter Click.

Drag Click Test

Basically Drag Clicking Test is when people slide their finger down their mouse letting them get up to 40 clicks per second if done right. It is one of the fastest clicking techniques used to increase clicks per second score.

What is Bridging?

A faster clicking speed can help you in various ways such as making and placing blocks beneath you, in Minecraft game. It is being used in various bridging techniques like Breezily Bridge, god bridge and many other. A fast clicking speed has countless benefits and opportunities, e.g. it can be used as a stomper in hunger games. It can also be used to hit your enemy faster than your competitor. Moreover, it helps to hit the animals to make them run faster. Furthermore, it used to remove hurdle came our your way. Hence mentioned above there are plenty of uses and opportunities of better clicking speed than average, it’s up to you how do you use and get benefits from it.

kohi click test bridging

What is Auto Clicker?

Mouse Auto clicker is a cheating method, basically. All you need is to program the mice and it starts clicking by itself. There are some special mouses that can perform auto clicking by enabling option give in manufacturer’s software. This function is default to test mouse clicking speed in those particular gaming mouses.