Click Test 10 Seconds – CPS CHECKER

Click Test 10 Seconds used to check your  CPS click speed using 10 Seconds Timer. This tool helps you testing how fast can you clicks in 10 seconds.







Click Test 10 Seconds

This test tells the people about how many times a person can perform most clicks in 10 seconds nonstop. The highest clicks per second using 10 seconds timer are 12.1 clicks in one second. It means 121 clicks in 10 seconds were done. With every increase in a time frame, you would see that clicks per second decreases. And you all know the reason for that. The more you try doing one thing, the more it becomes less efficient.

click test 10 seconds

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World Record for Most Clicks in 10 Seconds

According to Click Speed Tester the highest clicks in 10 seconds or commonly known as World record for most clicks in 10 Second Clicks is 12.1 clicks per second.

CPS Test 10 Seconds – Frequently Asked Questions

How many clicks in 10 seconds?

Widely, it depends on who is conducting the test. If a normal person (one who is not a pro gamer or an I.T. specialist) is checking his clicking speed then his total mouse clicks in ten seconds would be around 60 to 70 clicks.

How fast can you click in 10 seconds?

If you are an enthusiastic gamer who love to spend his most time playing games online especially PVP games or an I.T. specialist who is working more than 6 hours a day on PC / Laptop, then you are faster than other people. Therefore you mouse button pressing speed should be around 80 to 120 clicks in 10 seconds. Accordingly, CPS speed would be approximately 8 to 12 clicks in one second.

What is average CPS speed using 10 seconds timer?

Averagely, a person can perform 60 to 70 clicks in ten seconds, therefore 10 seconds cps speed would be around 6 to 7 CPS.

Is this tool can test Spacebar Clicks?

No, this tool is specifically designed to test mouse left button or left clicking button of your Laptop’s key-board. If you want to test Spacebar Click Speed you can try our SPACEBAR CLICKER tool.