Click Test 30 Seconds – CPS Test 30 Seconds

Click Test 30 Seconds is being used to check your Most Clicks in 30 Seconds. You can also find that how many clicks in 30 seconds you can do with Click Speed Test 30 Seconds.








Click Test 30 Seconds

This test reveals the how many clicks in 30 seconds can be done. The highest clicks performed in 30 seconds are 830 clicks. In 2010, Tom Andre Seppola from Norway held the world record for most clicks in 30 seconds. This measure up to 27.6 clicks per second.

World Record for Most Clicks in 30 Seconds

Since 2010, no one has been able to break the record of Tom Andre Seppola. So his world record stands. 830 are the most clicks in 30 seconds. This is hard core.

CPS Test 30 Seconds – Frequently Asked Questions

1.How many clicks in 30 seconds?

Normally a person can perform 8 to 10 clicks in one second. Multiplying these clicks with 30, the answer would be 300 clicks in 30 seconds.

Anything above an average clicks is faster. If someone can do 310 clicks in 30 seconds, it is 10 clicks faster than an average human.