Click Test 5 Seconds – Cps Test 5 Seconds – Click Speed Test 5 Seconds







Click Test 5 Seconds – Cps Test 5 Seconds used to check how fast can you click in 5 seconds. It also tells how many clicks in 5 seconds.

Click Test 5 Seconds

Like CPS Test, click test 5 seconds tells the people, how many times they can click in five seconds averagely. The highest clicks are 15.4 clicks per second in a time frame of five seconds. Which means that 77 times mouse button was clicked in five seconds. It is less than per second click test, because with every second passing, person gets little tired. Therefore less average of clicks in a second as compared to 1 second click test.

World Record for Most Clicks in 5 Seconds

The World Record for most clicks in 5 seconds is 77. Off course, the highest clicks in 5 second would for surely be the world record. As told earlier, 15.4 clicks per second in five seconds are the highest clicks, that’s making a total of 77, most clicks in 5 seconds.

CPS Test 5 Seconds – Frequently Asked Questions

1.How many clicks in 5 seconds?

Normally a person can perform 8 to 10 clicks in one second. Multiplying these clicks with 5, the answer would be 50 clicks in 5 seconds.

Anything above an average clicks is faster. If someone can do 60 clicks in 5 seconds, it is 10 clicks faster than an average human.