Clicks Per Minute – Click Test 60 Seconds







Clicks Per Minute is a method to check and count your Click Speed Test 60 Seconds. It’s best way to find how many clicks can you do in 60 seconds.

Clicks Per Minute

Through this test, clicks per minute or in other words clicks in 60 seconds are measured. It means how many times a person can click a mouse button in 60 seconds without getting distracted. Clicking Mouse Button consistently for one minute is not as easy task as it look apparently. You have to be full attentive and dedicated while pressing the mouse button for one minute. According to our research and test conducted by our team, we have observed  that more than 70% people got distracted while hitting the mouse button for longer time.

Clicks Per Minute World Record

The World record for the most clicks in a minute, a person clicked in one minute are 582 clicks. If we break it down in seconds, it would be 9.7 clicks per second. This record is an average in respect of CPS because on average gamers can perform 8-10 clicks in a second. But when we consider it in respect of one minute click test this is an impressive record because the longer the time frame you chose to test your click speed the more you get tired or distracted.

Clicks Per Minute – Frequently Asked Questions

1.How many clicks in 60 seconds?

Normally a person can perform 8 to 10 clicks in one second. Multiplying these clicks with 60, the answer would be 600 clicks in 60 seconds.

Anything above an average clicks is faster. If someone can perform 620 clicks in 60 seconds, it is 20 clicks faster than an average human clicking speed.

The world record for most clicks in 60 seconds is 9.7 clicks per second, totaling 582 clicks in 60 seconds. An average person can click about 450 times in 60 seconds.

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