Double Click Test – test mouse buttons for double clicks

Mouse double click test is best free online mouse button tester tool to test and be certain that your mouse is double clicking or not. Press click me button to test mouse double clicks malfunction and why mouse keeps double clicking during repetitive single clicks.



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What is Double Click Test?

Double click test tool is design and being used specifically to to check your mouse buttons glitches in respect of double clicks. In simple words, mouse double clicks is incorrect or false function of PC’s and Laptop’s mouse. Sometimes, you click mouse button only once but your mouse click twice. Therefore, this test enables you to find out that whether your mouse clicking in the same manner and numbers of time in accordance to your clicks performed or not.

Importance of Mouse Double Click Test

Widely, this tool is more useful for the gamer who uses the mouse most frequently and clicks its buttons as compare to regular user. It is very common that the more frequent use of any device leads to impairment and, some times,  reduces it life time quicker than normal useful life time. Similarly, hardcore gamers use their devices more than a regular person, mostly 2x to 10x more, and physical gaming mouse is the one they use the most.

Software Developers are the second major users who use mouse device on a large scale. They may need to test mouse double clicking in order to avoid their mouse clicking twice while creating something – web application, software or regular surfing, which can be dependent on hardware performance.

Mouse Double Click Tester Key features

Mouse double click tester is specifically designed in accordance with the needs of user from every domain. Briefly, some users wants to test their mouse impairment i.e. mouse is reporting more clicks – mouse randomly double clicks or mouse is reporting lesser clicks instead of actual clicks performed by user. Some users might be interested in checking their clicking speed – 2x clicking speed. Some users want to improve their clicking skills and use this tool for practice. This double click tester is also being used to challenge and confront with friends.

You may like to test your 2x Clicking Speed &  challenge yourself with use of limited timer try this amazing Mouse Click Speed Tester

Check Mouse Double Clicking

double click test

Helps you finding incorrect and unnecessary clicks of your mouse i.e. mouse twice clicks.

Test Mouse Clicking Speed

mouse double clicks

Enables you to test your mouse pressing speed. Check can you click at 2x  speed or more.

Enhance Clicking Speed

mouse keeps double clicking

You can also practice & improve your clicking speed skill with this tool.

Boost Your Social Ranking

mouse double click test

This can also use for fun – challenge & compete with your friends. Share result in your Social Circle to Show Off.

How to test mouse double clicks?

You might be wondering of how to use mouse double click testing tool? The basic principle to conduct a mouse double clicks test is very simple. All you need to do is;

  • Go to the top of this page
  • Find “CLICK ME” button there
  • Point your mouse cursor over the button
  • Start clicking your mouse button which you want to test

To find the accurate results you need to click minimum for 30 seconds continuously as faster as you can. A counter will start counting your clicks with the same pace as you click on your physical mouse. This counter also known as Double Click Counter.

There are three sets of results mentioned in mouse double click counter. The very first option will show your all clicks performed during the session. Second option will show your number of double clicks your mouse performed. Third and last option will show the status of your mouse. If your mouse having no double click the status will show OK which means your mouse is working fine and everything is in order. On the other hand if your mouse is clicking twice instead of single click performed then second option will be showing the number of time your mouse have clicked twice and consequently status will also be change to NOT OK.

How does the double click tester works?

Mainly, there are three types of tests to check mouse double clicking and impairment:

  • Mouse Left Button

Testing mouse left button for double clicks or lesser clicks is one of the most widely & frequently used features. Every person uses mouse left button at least with double frequency as compare to any other key / button. Therefore, mouse left button comes first in order to check your mouse clicking accuracy.

  • Mouse Right Button

This amazing tool also enables you to test your mouse twice or lesser clicking pace of mouse right button. Using this free online double click tester you’ll be able to find out that your mouse right button is working fine or not.

  • Mouse Scroll Button

As though, name is revealing the whole story, this double click testing tool can also be used to find out mouse scroll button or middle mouse button for double clicking test.

Why mouse keeps double clicking?

Mouse wrong clicks error or mouse twice clicks error occurs when you click on the mouse button (left, right or middle) once, but it triggers wrong operation in respect of double clicking. Definitely, it’s a false and incorrect operation performed by any mouse.

Reasons of Mouse Double Clicks Error

  • Impairment could be the major reason behind your mouse double clicking.
  • Your mouse could be defective due to extensive use
  • Your mouse is old enough i.e. your are using from age
  • Mouse board circuit is faulty and not working properly
  • You’re using cheap priced mouse therefore quality of mouse is compromised
  • Mouse signals are weak or wireless sensor is not working properly, in case you’re using wireless mouse
  • Your wireless mouse runs with batteries and it’s batteries are weaker or expired
  • Your mouse might be dirty and due to dirtiness it’s not clicking properly
  • Your mouse double clicking speed is set to very low
  • Your mouse is having broken parts

How to fix double clicking mouse?

Mouse double click fix is he main concern which arises when you become certain that your mouse is counting more clicks rather than you do in actual. Alas, it’s a quite difficult to suggest a solution without being certain about the actual reason behind the problem. Well, we would like to tell you some steps to be assured about your mouse impairment.

But we cannot assure you that these step can resolve your problem. These could only be helpful in case your mouse is not impaired, neither broken nor having circuit breaks in it.

Useful Mouse Double Click Fix

  1. First of all check your mouse clicking speed it mustn’t be at lowest point. In order to check your mouse double clicking speed
      • Open Control Panel in your windows based system
      • Go to All Control Panel Items
      • Find mouse icon there or mouse written
      • Click on mouse icon
      • A new windows will be opened
      • Select Button tab there
      • Look for Double Click Speed there
      • A bar will be there pointing slow at left side and fast on right
      • Select according to your need
      • By default and recommended setting you should use is select middle of the bar
      • Lastly, click on apply then OK in order to save your work
  2. Check for your mouse batteries try replacing with new ones
  3. Clean your mouse from dust and dirt
  4. Look for any broken part in your mouse and try to replace or repair it
  5. Try to fix your mouse by yourself or you can have services of hardware specialist

Hope, these guides help you finding problem with your mouse as we tried our best to cover each and everything related to Double-Click Test. But in case none of these worked for you then it’s better for you to consider buying a new mouse device.

Logitech Mouse Double Clicking Problem and Fix

As you know logitech mouse and other accessories are relatively expensive items as compare to other accessories available in the market. Therefore, having double click fault in their mouses is quite strange in fact. Checking Logitech mouse double click test is not entirely different as explained above. Hence, you can test logitech mouse twice clicking in the same manner and try to fix as well.