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What is keyboard tester?

Key board tester lets you test the keys of your keyboard, so that you can check if they are all functioning correctly. You can also use this tool to troubleshoot issues related to malfunctioning keys and dead keys.

Who doesn’t love a good keyboard? We do too. And that’s why we use our free online keyboard key tester regularly to keep our A+ rating. You see the keyboard is an integral part of the computer and a messed-up keyboard can lead to crashes, hard drive failures and what not. That’s why Free Online Keyboard key press test is here. One click and you’ll know exactly if that piece of equipment in your hands is worth its weight in gold or not.

Why people need an online keyboard test?

Here’s why you need a free online keyboard button tester — it’s because by using it, you have the flexibility of the user and also after using this tool you’ll have diagnosed your keyboard for the malfunctions. It prevents you from making unnecessary purchases of new keyboards for small malfunctions. And another thing is that it’s easy to use, it doesn’t require an account or any download, in other words — keep your keyboard working properly for free. So if you have a keyboard that is not working properly, then take our free online keyboard test and find out what’s wrong with it.

What is the best way to test all computer keys online with a keyboard checker?

We personally love to use an online keyborad’s button testing tool. You can find the keyboard button tester by visiting

  • You will find a virtual keyboard on this page once you navigate there
  • As you press keys, the color of the keyboard on your screen will indicate what the results are
  • You can see when you press a certain key on the virtual keyboard that it will “Lit up”
  • To check whether all keys work simultaneously, press multiple keys at once
  • Your keyboard is in perfect condition if this online test shows the result immediately
  • A delayed response, however, suggests that your keyboard is dirty and that the buttons are being pressed correctly.
  • As long as you like, you can continue this process.

keyboard tester

While testing keyboards, you may find the following guides useful

  • Turn on “num lock” before testing the Numeric keypad
  • The F1 through F12 keys can also be tested using this online tool. The virtual keyboard on your screen will light up once you press any of those keys
  • It will not be able to differentiate between duplicate keys such as “Shift, CTRL, ALT and ENTER”, so you must press each one individually.
  • On the virtual keyboard, each key would light up when you pressed it
  • When you are online, make sure every key on your keyboard is working properly. Your time would barely be taken up by a few minutes
  • Make sure that all the keys on the virtual keyboard light up individually. There is nothing wrong with your keyboard
  • On your screen, you are seeing a keyboard designed to resemble an English or American keyboard layout, but it is not identical. Any layout will work out the same way the only difference will be the position of the key.

A gaming keyboard test consists of the following features

The following features are included in a computer keyboard test:

  • Using this tool, you will be able to get “Accurate Results”
  • In addition to checking all keys on your keyboard, this tool can also check multiple keys at the same time.
  • On your keyboard, this tool illuminates the key you have pressed to check
  • You can use this tool for free and it is very easy to use
  • Registration or any other form of registration is not required to use this tool
  • Almost any browser and keyboard can be used with this tool
  • If your keyboard doesn’t work properly, this tool will test the keys online, saving you time and money.
  • You do not need to download or install any software to use this tool

Troubleshooting guides and solutions for keyboard problems

In addition to being an essential part of a computer, the keyboard is also one of the most frequently used devices in the world. In this regard, it is common for the keyboard to have problems from time to time. You may be able to resolve any issues that arise when using the keyboard by following the following guides related to common keyboard problems and their solutions.

I have a keyboard that is getting stuck with keys

The problem of keyboard keys getting stuck is one that is usually caused by the accumulation of dust inside your keyboard or by the buildup of sticky liquid under the keys. This problem usually gets resolved when you clean your keyboard properly. If you didn’t know, you can pull out the keys of your keyboard in order to access the surface underneath your keyboard, making the cleaning process easier.

When pressing a key on the keyboard, the wrong symbol/letter appears

This could be caused by either the driver for your keyboard or the language settings in your operating system. You can download new drivers for your keyboard by going to the website of the manufacturer of your keyboard and looking for your keyboard model, or by using a driver finder, such as Drive Booster, to find and install drivers. The “How to change keyboard language” section below will provide you with instructions on how to fix the language settings in your operating system.

Num-pad keys do not work

Usually, you can resolve keys not working on the Num-pad by pressing the “Num Lock” key on your keyboard’s top-right side. You can toggle your keyboard’s Num-pad between two states: numeric state and alternative function state by pressing “Num Lock”.

I am not able to type anything on the keyboard

Try pressing the “Caps Lock” key. If none of the lights come on, then the keyboard might not be connected properly to your computer or your cable isn’t connected properly.
Possibly, the keyboard is beyond repair, and it is time to replace it.

FAQs for Keyboard Checker

How can I test my keyboard?

  • CPSTEST.US can be found in any browser, then find “Keyboard tester” in the menu bar, and open that tool to test your keyboard.
  • Using any text editing tool like NotePad, WordPad, MS Word, or any online typing tool, you can test your keyboa

How do you check if all keys on the keyboard are working?

By using this tool and pressing each key individually, you can determine whether all of your keyboard’s keys are working properly. If each key on the virtual keyboard lights up, all of your keys are functioning normally.

How do I fix unresponsive keyboard keys?

  • In order to fix unresponsive keys, you should follow these steps.
  • Make sure your keyboard is plugged in properly, if not, unplug it and plug it back in
  • Additionally, check the keyboard cable for damage. If so, change the cable and try again.
  • Ensure your wireless keyboard’s batteries are not expired if you use one
  • Your keyboard needs to be cleaned from the inside if everything previously mentioned is fine
  • In addition, you can check whether the keyboard driver and settings are up to date
  • Ensure that you have the right keyboard layout

How can I find the keys on my laptop keyboard?

A Windows on-screen keyboard is a program that is included with Windows which allows a user to test modifier keys and other types of special keys on an on-screen keyboard. For example, when pressing Alt, Ctrl, or Shift keys, the Windows On-Screen Keyboard highlights the keys that are being pressed.

How do you diagnose keyboard problems?

Diagnosing keyboard issues is easy if you follow these steps:

  • Select the keyboard listing by right-clicking on it
  • You can scan for hardware changes by selecting the “Scan for hardware changes” option
  • It will now test your keyboard in the device manager.
  • The “error” icon indicates that there is a problem with the keyboard on your computer

Why is the keyboard suddenly unable to type?

Some of the most common causes of keyboard malfunctions are:

  • An insufficient battery charge
  • The damage to the physical body
  • Issues with drivers and software
  • An issue with the firmware

What is the best way to reset my keyboard?

You need to unplug your keyboard, while the keyboard is unplugged, press the ESC button. Keep pressing the ESC button and plug the keyboard back into your computer. After about 5 seconds, release the ESC key and plug your keyboard back in again. your keyboard will be reset.

I am unable to type letters on my keyboard. Why is this happening?

Try pressing the window key and spacebar keys simultaneously if your keyboard does not work. The letters on your keyboard sometimes come back to life this way. If you’re using a desktop keyboard, unplug it and plug it back in again. I hope this fixes your problem.

How do I test a key on my keyboard?

  • You can check any key on the keyboard by going online and by visiting “CPSTEST.US” then clicking the “Keyboard switch tester” link in the menu bar, which will display a virtual keyboard. Lastly, start pressing any key on your physical keyboard. If the key lights up on your virtual keyboard while you press any key on your physical keyboard, then your key is working.
  • You can test any key by using any text editing tool like Notepad, WordPad or MS Word.

How many keys can you press on a keyboard at once while testing?

Your keyboard allows you to press 6 keys at a time. The concept is called rollover. This refers to how well your keyboard understands multiple keys being pressed simultaneously. In most cases, keyboards only recognize 6 keys being pressed simultaneously correctly.

How do I know if my keyboard keys are not working?

To test and verify any keyboard key, you must use any keyboard key pressing tester online. In this case, we recommend you to use the keyboard key press testing tool available at “”. This will allow you to see whether all keys on your keyboard are working properly.

What is the best way to use a gaming keyboard tester?

  • If you pressed keys on the physical keyboard, make sure the lighted keys corresponded to the ones you pressed on the vertical keyboard.
  • Reset everything by clicking the reset button, and then test the keyboard by clicking the keyboard test button.
  • Make sure that the combination of keys does not lead to a keyboard lockup. Test several keys at the same time to make sure that they can run simultaneously.
  • When you press the keyboard’s keys, the keys should respond immediately. If they don’t, the keyboard may have problems.
  • Ensure all of your keyboard keys are working by performing an online test.

How do I fix my keyboard keys not working?

If your keyboard isn’t working, try the following steps;

  • To ensure the device is functioning properly, remove and replace the keyboard.
  • If your problem cannot be solved with a second keyboard, you may want to consider using a third.
  • Bluetooth keyboards should be active and connected if you are using them.
  • If your keyboard is wireless, reconnect it to your computer.
  • If you are using a wired keyboard, try another USB port.
  • It is possible to experience performance issues if the keyboard’s battery is low.

When you’ve tried everything listed above and you’re still experiencing issues, you should have a local technician fix or replace your device.

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