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Kohi Click Test – Kohi CPS Test is a method set on to check & improve your Clicking Speed ratio of clicks per second in specific time. Kohi Click Speed Test helps you finding Highest CPS with Kohi Clicking 5 Seconds, normally.

What is Kohi Click Test?

Kohi Clicking Test is very similar and related to other click testing programs with a slight difference i.e. it’s hosted on the Kohi server of Minecraft. This click test is well known because it is hosted on Minecraft’s server which is known as KOHI. Kohi MC PvP server was founded by “Kurtis Welch” aka “hclewk”. Now a day, MCPVP is owned by Brawl Games.

kohi click test

Kohi CPS test has significant importance among gamers who want to enhance their mouse clicking speed in a given time duration. By practicing more on Kohi Test, they can be able to test and improve their mouse button click speed in order to perform better in Minecraft.

Why Kohi Click is important?

Minecraft players are required and more concerned, in most cases, to have a faster clicking speed. In order to evaluate that they want to test their click speed using several click speed test methods to improve their finger flicking. All Clicking Methods enable players to escalate their movement of finger flicking in order to perform better in Minecraft game.

According to data collected from several private and public forums, if a player can perform 6 to 8 clicks in one seconds that is a good clicking pace. It is also stated in some forums, if a player can be able to move his sword ten times in a second, which is 10 clicks per seconds, it can be considered as a faster clicking speed than average. By achieving this speed, a player has more hitting power and speed than his competitor and more chances to take his enemy down in Minecraft PVP combat.


Testing Your Kohi Click Speed

Essentially, pro players want to test, evaluate and increase their CPS Speed ( click per second speed ) to enhance their gaming and clicking ability.  In order to determine their clicking ability, they use different clicking methods having a preset time frame. According to statistical data gathered, more than 60% people can hit the mouse button only 30 to 45 times in five seconds time frame.

How to click Kohi CPS very fast?

Well, the most effective method to improve your Kohi Click is Butterfly Clicking. Which is best to boost your clicking speed. Kohi Butterfly test is the righteous choice in order to find and improve your Kohi click speed.

Moreover this is the best, most effective and fastest technique among other clicking techniques used to test kohi cps speed. In this method you use two fingers of your one hand – one finger for left mouse button clicks and second for right mouse button clicks. After placing your finger in right manner, you start clicking left and right one by one. Clicking in this way your both fingers swing like a butterfly’s wings while flight.

People also practice this method with two fingers of both hand but in this way your clicking speed become slower that the first method. Therefore, usage of two fingers of one hand is the recommended method to perform kohi clicking test.

Kohi Test – FAQ’S


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