Scroll Test – Mouse Scroll Wheel Speed Tester

Scroll Test tool helps the users to make sure their scroll wheel is also in a great shape. Mouse wheel test can be performed simply by scrolling the wheel up and down over the green boxed area.

Scroll here!
Your best is 2,300 pixels per second

How to test mouse scroll wheel?

Mouse Scroll Tester will also notify you about how many pixels you are scrolling the mouse wheel every second. The higher the number, the faster you are. If your numbers are low, you can practice to make your number higher. With every practice, you would improve your score. Please follow these simple steps to test mouse wheel;

  1. Go at the top of the page, find scroll testing tool.
  2. Point the mouse cursor middle of the green box (recommended)
  3. Start scrolling mouse wheel upward and downward
  4. Upon scrolling mouse, if mouse scroll tester area is showing number of pixels change with the scrolling speed, then your mouse scroll wheel is working perfect.
  5. Lastly, when you stopped scrolling your highest scrolling speed will be displayed in number of pixels. Which will tell you about your pixels per second scrolling speed.
mouse scroll test

How to test mouse scroll button?

Mouse Scroll Button Test can be performed by clicking the scroll wheel in the middle of right and left mouse buttons. Scroll wheel sometimes is also known as a “third button” of the mouse. Like other mouse scroll tests, the same way mouse scroll button test can be performed, if the movement of the scroll wheel is brightened up on the image, this means your scroll wheel is working perfectly and vice versa.

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