Spacebar Game Challenge

Space Bar Game is a fun way to enhance your clicking skills, focus and strategic thinking by accepting the tough spacebar challenge.


How to play space bar challenge game?

Playing this space bar clicking challenge game is really very simple. Please follow the mentioned steps in order to start playing;

space bar challenge game

  • First of all click on the game screen to start gaming challenge.
  • Use Space bar button to kill the enemies. You can press & hold spacebar button to fire continuously, or can click individually.
  • Try to eat as many apples as you can, it will give you more fires.
  • Use right keyboard arrow key to go right and left arrow to go left.
  • Use upward arrow key to jump over the enemies and to climb over upper level slab.
  • Your objective is to reach over the top most slab in minimum time and attempts. Good Luck.

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