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Spacebar Counter – space bar counter as known as space bar clicker is an online tool to count your total number of clicks you have performed in predefined time duration using space bar click test. It also determine how many times can you press the spacebar in limited time? By using and playing this online Spacebar clicker you’ll be able to measure and improve your spacebar test speed in specific time frame.

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What is Spacebar Counter?

What is space bar counter? How to use spacebar counter? are the most common question people asked for. Spacebar counter clicker is a free tool to count your total number of clicks and spacebar pressing speed in a given time. Spacebar cps counter can also be used to analyze that how many times can you press the spacebar.

This tool also tells about how many times have you hit the spacebar button in particular time frame. Our amazing spacebar test tool is one of the best tools available over the internet. This tool is a fun game that serves you to improve your hitting speed by practicing more.

What is best time duration to use Space bar Counter?

Well, answer of this question is simple and variant both at the same time. It depends upon the needs of the user who want to counts his space bar clicks. According to our personal experience and statistical data collected from many users, people tend to use 5 seconds space bar test and 10 seconds mostly. If you are a new user who wanna perform a quick test, these two timings are your best choices.

On the other hand, if you are passionate hardcore gamer, then 30 second space bar test, 60 seconds and space bar click test 100 second should be your choice. Remember that, a longer time duration requires more focus and consistency while conducting your test. We’ve observed that people get distract or loose patience in longer space bar speed testing.

Why people use Space bar Clicker Counter?

Most commonly, space bar tester is being used by enthusiastic pro gamer to check their button tapping speed. A faster button clicking speed help the gamer in various ways e.g. for shooting games like “Doom Eternal” it helps you hit and shoot your enemy quickly. In the creative world building games like Minecraft, gamer can build the things more quickly, if they have faster button clicking speed.

Space bar Counter Salient Features

Multiple Time Variations

This space bar click counter has multiple time frame variations so that people can use and conduct space bar speed test according to their needs and desired time duration. Time variations available to use this tool include are;

Spacebar Counter 5 Seconds

Spacebar 5 seconds test tool is being used to test spacebar click speed in five seconds and counts spacebar clicks using 5 seconds spacebar challenge.

Spacebar Counter 10 Seconds

Spacebar 10 seconds test tool is being used to test spacebar click speed in ten seconds and counts spacebar clicks using ten seconds spacebar challenge.

Spacebar Counter 20 Seconds

Spacebar 20 seconds test tool is being used to test spacebar click speed in twenty seconds and counts spacebar clicks using 20 seconds spacebar challenge.

Spacebar Counter 30 Seconds

Spacebar 30 seconds test tool is being used to test spacebar click speed in thirty seconds and counts spacebar clicks using 30 seconds spacebar challenge.

Spacebar Counter 60 Seconds

Spacebartool 60 seconds test is being used to test spacebar click speed in sixty seconds and counts spacebar clicks using 60 seconds spacebar challenge.

User Friendly

Our space bar clicker is well developed by our team, keeping in mind the user friendliness so that every user came to use our amazing tool can be able to use it with ease. So if user has very limited knowledge regarding how to use this type of software or he/she is going to use it for the first time, can work with our tool without getting into any trouble.

Mobiles & Tablets Friendly

Along with the other amazing features, our space bar click counter can also be used on Mobiles and Tablets as well as desktop PC’s and Laptops. All you need is to open the browser you have in your Mobile/Tablet, type “WWW.CPSTEST.US” in the search bar and hit OK or Search.

Spacebar Test Clicking Methods

Spacebar Speed Test or spacebar tester is another name for the spacebar counter people used to search with. Basically, people want to test, measure and improve their spacebar tapping speed. Primarily, Space bar speed tester tool counts each and every click and show the result afterward so that you can be able to measure that how many times you have tapped the space bar in 10 seconds, if you are using spacebar speed test 10 seconds.

Popular Clicking Methods:

Commonly, two space bar clicking techniques are being used by most people;

  • Simple Clicking

In this technique you simply use your index finger to press the space bar in order to find your spacebar cps speed. In order to practice with this method you simply use space bar speed tester on the top of this page. Before starting the test, select your desired time interval from given different spacebar timer (5 seconds and 10 seconds are most commonly used and also recommended if you are a newbie).

Then click on the start button to initiate your test. After that a new window will open with timer count down. Now start clicking as fast as you can until the timer runs out. Finally, when the timer stopped out, you’ll find your total number of click you did in that particular time. you’ll also get your per second clicking speed of space bar which is calculated by total number of clicks divided by total number of seconds.

  • Drag Clicking

Spacebar drag test is an other amazing method to calculate your spacebar clicks per second speed. Therefore, we’ve added an interesting video demonstrating the space bar dragging method. Please be advised that not every keyboard let you perform dragging the space bar button as shown in this video. In order to conduct drag click test of spacebar, having gaming key board is a compulsory thing to do. People use gaming keyboard for that kind of stuff, and of course, some times they also use tricks & tweaks too.

If you are a hardcore gamer then you must have gaming keyboard, otherwise you need to buy gaming if you wanna test your drag clicking for space bar. Let’s have a look on this short but interesting video in this regard.

What is Space bar clicker?

Our space bar clicker tool enables to tell you about your space cps test in specific time frame. An other useful feature of this spacebar clicks counter is that it can also be used to improve your spacebar hitting speed. If some one is looking to find about how fast can i click the spacebar and how to improve my spacebar clicking speed, then our website is your right place.

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How to use Space bar clicker?

In order to use our awesome space bar clicker tool, you have to follow some simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open our Spacebar CPS page in order to measure your spacebar speed test.

Step 2: Chose your desired time duration from multiple options given above in this page.  Before you start hitting the space bar, you have to select time duration. Lets say you want to chose Space bar click test 10 seconds. Now simply, follow the screen shot given below;

spacebar counter

Step 3: Now, to start Space bar clicking test, press the space bar as fast as you can in order to get highest numbers of clicks in 10 seconds. A 10 seconds spacebar timer would be started when you click the space bar for the first time. Finally, you will get your clicking results i.e. maximum number of clicks you have scored in 10 seconds. When the timer will be run out after ten seconds a pop-up window will be opened containing result of your clicking speed in 10 seconds.

space bar clicker

Moreover, If you want to check your spacebar click speed test per second, all you need is to do a little math. Simply, divide your number of clicks with number of seconds ( which is your selected space bar timer ), you’ll get your number of spacebar clicks you have performed in a single second. Suppose you are using 10 seconds test & you have achieved 50 clicks in 10 seconds, then your per second space bar click speed would be five ( 50/10 ) = 5.

This result shows us that user has click the space bar with speed of 5 clicks in 1 second. Which is not good enough, because people are hitting the spacebar game 8 – 10 click in a single seconds.

How fast can you press the spacebar?

Pressing the space bar speed is varies from person to person. Every one can’t be have same spacebar pressing speed. The thing is your pressing speed depends on your dedication, patience and consistency regarding your test. These virtues are a must have option while preforming a test. Especially, when you tend to check and improve your speed for a longer period of 30 seconds or any timing more than that. For the most part, people love to have a speed test of spacebar any thing lesser than 15 seconds.

A simplest answer of the question would be that, while pressing the space bar button to have a test, you would be able to score between 40 to 50. Which is a good average spacebar clicking speed. If you can perform any thing above 40 that would be considered as a faster speed than average.

Space bar Game – Spacebar Challenge

Space Bar Game is an other fun feature to give your self a press the spacebar challenge in spacebar game. The prime objective of this space bar challenge is as same as we have already mentioned above i.e. you want to test your clicking speed and also want to improve at the same time with the help of different test methods having different time frames.

Similarly, In this spacebar game you have specific Space bar timer – which can’t be changed. Hence, the difference between space bar speed testing tools and the Space bar game is that you have more fun and interest in playing game rather than just practicing with a simple tool.

Because, if you are using space bar counter clicker for a longer time frame, lets say it’s spacebar speed test per minute, you would get distract or might be loose your interest and start getting bored. But on the other hand people love to play games for hours without getting bored, according to our observations and statistical data reports, they love to challenge themselves via playing challenge games.

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Spacebar Test – FAQ’s

How fast can you click the spacebar?

Well, that’s totally depends on your dedication and practice. Time duration also has massive impact on your clicking speed. Averagely, a person can click the space bar 8 to 11 times in a seconds. Similarly, if we talk about spacebar clicks in 5 seconds, the average clicking speed would be 40 to 50 times in 5 seconds. But the thing is the longer the time duration your average Spacebar CPS Speed would be lower than average spacebar hitting speed. The reason is people get distracted or loose focus and control while hitting spacebar for longer time.

How many times can you press the spacebar in 5 Seconds?

If you click the space bar with an average speed which most of the people are getting, then you should have 40 to 50 space bar clicks in 5 seconds time frame. My highest Space bar Clicking Speed in 5 seconds is 52. Which I achieved after multiple tries and practicing a lot.

How many times can you press the spacebar in 10 Seconds?

Averagely, 70 to 100 times people press the space bar in 10 seconds time duration. If some one is pressing more than that it would be considered a faster pressing speed than most of the people do in 10 seconds. But it totally depends on your focus and calmness. The more focused you are the better results you are going to achieve. Personally, I tried and I got 108 Space bar Hits in 10 seconds.

How to improve spacebar click speed test?

As I have mentioned above average space bar clicking speed. There is no need to repeat the same question or answers. If you are wondering about how to improve space bar tapping speed, the answer is by practicing more and more. Try to be focused and calm while testing your space bar tapping speed.

Try our awesome mouse CPS Tester in order to test, calculate and improve your mouse button clicking speed.

How fast can I press the spacebar?

Pressing the space bar faster is also a skill that can be improved with practice. To answer this question, I tried this Space bar click counter. As I’m not a pro gamer and being a normal mortal, my space bar clicking score can be considered. I got 6 to 7 space bar click per second (tried spacebar clicker tool for 5 second time duration. hence, according to my personal experience, a person can press the space bar six to seven times in a second.

What is the average spacebar counter speed?

Well, the average spacebar click counter speed is 40 to 50 clicks in 5 seconds which is equals to 8 – 10 cps. For further details you can read our complete well researched article written above in this regard.

What is the fastest spacebar dragging speed?

The fastest space bar dragging speed per second is 34 clicks in one seconds, which I found in a video on Youtube. In this video a guy used gaming keyboard for space bar dragging test, which is really very impressive score.

What is the highest space bar cps speed test score?

The highest spacebar clicks per second score is 14.5 CPS, which is also a world record settled by using spacebar 2000 application for 10 seconds time duration. This is insanely the highest space bar cps score which any one can achieve. This is really hardcore job to be done.

What is the world record for most spacebar clicks in 5 seconds?

World record for the most clicks in 5 seconds is held by Evan H. who has pressed the spacebar 58 times in five seconds using the spacebar 2000 game application to set on that heights. It’s 11.6 CPS space bar clicking speed which is quite impressing speed.

What is the world record for pressing spacebar in 10 seconds?

Andrew A. is the guy who pressed the spacebar 145 time in 10 seconds to set this world record. He also used press the spacebar 2000 game for this challenge to set this world record. Hence it is 14.5 CPS spacebar hitting speed which is not an easy job to do for any person.

What is the world record for pressing spacebar in 20 seconds?

Luke W. has this honor to accomplished the world record for most presses of spacebar in 20 seconds, its 210 times. To conquer that feat he used the space bar 2000 game application. Though achieving 10.5 CPS sapcebar pressing speed is a good score held by gamer but can’t be considered extra ordinary achievement.

What is the world record for pressing spacebar in 30 seconds?

This world record for pressing the spacebar in 30 second is obtained by Mathew B. who has clicked the spacebar 358 times using his one hand. He had tried multiple time to set the highest record, therefore 358 was the highest figure he achieved. Achieving 11.93 CPS spacebar test score is an incredible result which is not easy task to accomplished by any gamer.

What is the world record for most spacebar clicks in 60 seconds?

The world record for most space bar clicks in 60 seconds is 9.6 CPS which is 576 clicks in 60 seconds in total. To get this spacebar tapping score is not an easy job as it looks apparently. Because the longer the time you try to test your clicking speed the higher chances you got to have lower space bar CPS test results. As mentioned earlier, in longer time duration you need more focus and consistency as compare to shorter time frames.

What is press the spacebar 2000 challenge?

As if as though, name tells the whole story click the spacebar 2000 challenge is a fun way to test you spacebar clicking skills. In this space bar challenge 2000, user’s prime intention is to set a world record or enhance his/her space bar clicking score by challenging himself/herself. To set a higher record user try to achieve the 2000 spacebar clicks   in shortest time.

Therefore, before conducting this online challenge 2000, user must select a spacebar timer to count the total number of  clicks. Then user should start his 2000 test and try to finish hitting space bar 2000 times as fast as he can.

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