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The CPS Test or cps tester  is mainly a fun game to calculate your clicks by the use of click test. The prime objective is to test your clicking speed and to improve thereafter, by practicing more with different clicking methods and time duration. In this Cps Counter test people love to get highest clicking score, sets the new records and break the older records set by other gamer. This click counter is being used to count your total number of clicks for specific time via conducting and analyzing click speed test. Other names being used for the same tool are click tester and clicker test.

What is CPS Test used for?

CPS Test is a short for “Clicks Per Second” test. It is easy to say CPS instead of the whole clicks per second. It is calculated by dividing number of clicks by number of seconds. In other words “it is a magnitude of clicks to a time unit; in this case, seconds. The other name people used for this tool is CPS Tester – Clicks Per Second Test.

How to calculate CPS Test?

It is usually calculated by dividing the number of clicks by number of seconds. It depends on the users which time interval they would like to test for; Five (5) seconds, ten (10) seconds or sixty (60) seconds.

click counter

If a person clicks 40 times in five seconds, that means his/her clicking speed per second is “8”. This is calculated by dividing number of clicks (40) by the number of seconds (5). If the person wants to calculate his/her average speed per sixty (60) seconds, he/she can multiply 8 by 60 and then they would get average clicking speed per 60 seconds. In this case it would be 480 clicks per 60 seconds. This way user can calculate their speed – mouse clicking speed, at any given time frame.

What are benefits of CPS Counter?

CPS Counter in other words is also known as clicker counter. Anyhow; CPS tracker is a tool which would help people measure how many times they have clicked the mouse button in a given time frame. For example, if someone is looking to measure his/her click speed in 10 seconds, then this counter will help determine how many times that person have clicked in 10 seconds. Click Counter is another name given to the CPS Counter. It measures the same thing just under different name.

Popular Time Variations of CPS Counter

There are different time variations are being used by people to check their Clicks Per Second Test according to their needs. Hence, some people want to measure their clicking speed in a single second. Some people would like to count their clicks in 5 second time frame. Therefore we have mentioned below all the popular time variations used by gamer to test their CPS Speed Test;

  • Clicks Per Second Test: Normally, used to check your clicking speed per seconds using one second click speed test.
  • CPS Test 5 Seconds: Mostly, used to check your clicking speed in 5 seconds using five seconds click speed test. You can also find your average clicking speed per second by dividing total number of clicks you perform in 5 seconds with total number of seconds i.e. 5 seconds.
  • Clicks in 10 Seconds: Commonly, people use to check their clicking speed in 10 seconds with ten seconds click speed tester. If we divide total clicks we done in ten seconds with 10 seconds, we’ll come to know our average clicks per seconds speed we performed in 10 seconds time frame.
  • Click Test 30 Seconds: Basically, this tool is designed to measure the clicking speed in a bit longer time than explained above. The purpose of the tool is same as above but time duration is 30 seconds to conduct click speed test.
  • Click Test 60 Seconds: Usually, as the name tell us, this tool is designed to help gamer who want to check their click speed test per minute. Keep Clicking on button for sixty seconds is a tough job.
  • Click Test 100 Seconds: Moreover, this tool is designed to enhance your clicking speed test in 100 seconds. This time frame is prepared for professional gamers – who want to improve their clicking speed skills for any limited time frame.

Why is Click Counter popular among people?

Well, as name clearly describes the core functionality of Click Counter. It is a free online mouse button click counter which is being used to test and count the total number of mouse clicks in a given limited time. People love to use this tool as per their desired needs which are vary to each other. Some people use this clicker counter to test their clicking speed, some use to practice and improve their clicking / pressing speed in order to perform better in games like Minecraft.

According to our analysis and statistical numbers, majority of gamer use this CPS Click Counter to beat the highest clicking records achieved by other gamer and obviously, to set their own record. Every one loves to be popular and gain fame, setting the highest clicking speed score, result in to get them fame worldwide. All they have to do is to use these type of tools, to practice and masters in clicking.

What is Click Test or Clicker Test?

As the name openly tells us, Click Test is another tool for measuring Clicking Test in a given time frame. Click Tester is held for variety of different scenarios. By definition, Clicker Test is a method for measuring the usability of a website, application or design by finding out how easy it is to complete a given task.

Click Test allows you to ask users to carry out a specific task, letting you isolate and investigate user’s behavior around each different scenario separately. You don’t need to confuse between Click Test and Click Tester. Some people call it by a different name. Usage of both is the same.

What is the use of Click Speed Test?

Click Speed Test, as the name tells, determines how many times a person can click on a mouse button in a given time frame. This speed test allows a person to test their finger speed on a mouse button to define how speedily they can click and how active they are. The faster they click the mouse button, the faster and more clicks speed they get. The average time is sixty (60) seconds.

What are types of Click Test?

There are different types of clicking tests which can be used to measure clicking speed of the people.

  • Mouse Test: One of the methods to calculate the clicking speed is through a mouse. How many times a person clicks a left mouse button in a specific given time frame would calculate his/her clicking speed ability. Generally, click speed test is calculated for 5 seconds. But it can be varied from the menu options.
  • Spacebar Test: The other method of calculating the clicking speed is via Space bar. The method and the criteria is the same like mouse test. Number of times a person clicks/presses the space bar key within a given time frame. Generally this is also calculated for 5 seconds times frame. The time frame can also be changed according as per user requirements from the menu options.

How to click faster to improve your click speed score?

Well, that is easy. There are certain methods that can be used to calculate and improve your clicking speed. These tests can be found online and also there are games created to improve your Clicking Speed Test. Some of the very well known methods are listed below.

Standard Clicking:

For the starters and easiest of them all, is the regular clicking. This method is used on daily basis by everyone using personal computers. Every time someone opens a folder, he/she double click or single clicks it. Using mouse to control and open different folders, helps you develop a sense of using a mouse and knowing when to click.

It does not really help you increase your cps speed but gets you the knowledge of using a mouse and getting familiar with the buttons and techniques. You can even adjust sensitivity of the mouse click from the control panel which is there in the operating system of your personal computer. The average clicking speed by this method varies from 3 to 6 clicks in a second.

Jitter Click Test:

Jitter Clicking Test is a method for clicking mouse button at a very high speed. It involves generating hand vibrations in a very controlled way and transmitting the vibrations to the finger in several mouse clicks within a span of few seconds. With this technique, gamer have achieved insanely high click per second in jitter clicking test but it is really difficult to master and requires a lot of practice. By this technique, people can achieve 10 to 15 clicks in 1 second if done properly.

Butterfly Clicking Test:

Butterfly Clicking is clicking your mouse as fast as you can with two fingers instead on one. This is usually done by Index Finger and Middle Finger. Therefore giving you higher clicks per second if done properly. Butterfly Clicking is much more advanced and rapid than the Jitter Clicking. Through this technique, people can attain a score of 18 to 24 clicks per second, which is way more than of Jitter Click.

Drag Click Test:

Basically Drag Clicking Test is when people slide their finger down their mouse letting them get up to 40 clicks per second if done right. It is one of the fastest clicking techniques used to increase clicks per second score.

What is Bridging?:

A faster clicking speed can help you in various ways such as making and placing blocks beneath you, in Minecraft game. It can also be used various bridging techniques like Breezily Bridge, god bridge and many other. A fast clicking speed has countless benefits and opportunities, e.g. it can be used as a stomper in hunger games. It can also be used to hit your enemy faster than your competitor. It can be used to hit the animals to make them run. It can be used to remove hurdle came our your way. Hence mentioned above there are plenty of uses and opportunities of better clicking speed than average, it’s up to you how do you use and get benefits from it.

kohi click test bridging

What is Auto Clicker?:

Mouse Auto clicker is a cheating method, basically. All you need is to program the mice and it starts clicking by itself. There are some special mouses that can perform auto clicking by enabling option give in manufacturer’s software. This function is given by default to test mouse clicking speed.

How fast can you click to test your click speed?

If you want to know How fast can you Click? or How to click faster? You are on the right place.We have mentioned some useful techniques and tips below:

  • Practice clicking techniques such as Jitter Clicking and Butterfly Clicking. These techniques involve rapid finger muscle spasms in order to click faster. The tutorials for learning these techniques can be found over the internet.
  • Using a mouse instead of a laptops mouse pad helps in improving the speed of clicking. This is because of the hand position on the mouse.
  • Keeping your mind free and relaxed helps a lot in improving the click speed. A focused mind is more dangerous than an occupied mind.
  • Make sure your hands are not sweaty and trembling because of the pressure. The more you are relaxed, the more accurately you can click on a mouse.
  • Keep your palm on the table as this will give you stability while clicking.
  • Use a claw grip and also flex your clicking arm and sort of make your hand twitch rapidly up and down on the button.
  • The position of the hand matters a lot as well. Make sure that your hand is in position and your fingers are not pressing the button to hard. Keep your fingers right over the mouse button and are ready and alert when the time comes.
  • There are many companies who manufacture the mice for such purposes. Make sure you have the right mouse and not an ordinary PC mouse. These companies are Logitech, Corsair, Mad Catz, Steel Series and many more.
  • There are different clicking games online which can help increase the clicking speed. These games train peoples mind to see some things at a faster speed than normal. Reaction time is the major factor to increase clicking speed.
  • Finally, keep on practicing your clicking techniques and one day you will reach your dream goal.

If you want to know more about enhancing your Clicking Speed, you can read this very informative article regarding this.

5 Best Ways to Click Faster

We have observed that most of the people hate to read a lot of stuff, and want to explore things in fastest way. Therefore, we have arranged a quick short video for those who wanna know that “How to Click Faster?”. In this video you’d be able to know top 5 ways to click faster in any game, especially in Minecraft.

CPS Tester – FAQ’s

Whenever someone is scrolling or surfing through a specific website. Numerous questions come into mind as they continue scrolling. Some of these questions are relevant and some are just obnoxious and out of the way. Keeping all those relevant and irrelevant questions in mind, I have designed some questions, which according to me would be enough to answer every query that pops us in any mind.

How long does it take to click 1000 times?

If an average clicking rate of a person is 8 clicks per second, which is a rate of a normal person, it would take around 125 seconds to click 1000 times. Not bad, if you may ask me. People have better things to do than just sitting and clicking.

How long does it take to click a mouse 10 million times?

As I have said earlier, human mind makes you ask different questions without even giving it a second thought. If you are thinking about how many seconds does it take to click a mouse button 10 million times, it would probably take you around one million two hundred and fifty thousand seconds (1,250,000). And around twenty thousand and eight hundred and thirty four (20,834) minutes.

How many calories do you burn per mouse click?

1.42 calories would be burnt by a single mouse click. So if you are here for burning calories, I would suggest you start clicking our mouse right away. There are 7.3 calories in one mole of ATP energy, so the number of calories burned in clicking the mouse equals about 1.42 (7.3/1000) X 195). There you have it.

What is the average CPS Test?

The average CPS of a human is around 6 to 8 times. Depending on how focused and determined that human is. It may vary from ethnicity to ethnicity. Some of the humans on earth have more lean physique than others, so it might help them get better average cps.

What is the fastest CPS Test?

The fastest CPS in a 10 second time frame is 14 clicks per second. This implies that 140 clicks were performed in 10 seconds.

What is the highest CPS Score?

Basically, the highest cps score results are differ while using different time duration. For instance, if you are using one second time duration then highest CPS score can be between 18 to 22 clicks in one seconds – as shorter time duration is more result oriented than the longer time duration.

Similarly, five second time frame is much batter than ten seconds time duration in respect of calculating CPS Speed. Anyhow, any thing above 10 cps score can be considered higher cps in any time duration.

How to check my CPS clicking Pace?

To view and analyze you cps click pace you don’t have to do any thing special. If you are using any Click Speed Tester on our site, all you have to do is to conduct your test using any time limit or any clicking technique. Once your time runs out, a pop-up window will be opened with having the result mentioned for that particular test you have played.

How to Increase your CPS Speed Test?

  • Keep yourself relaxed
  • Don’t use a tight grip
  • Don’t stretched tight your body and muscles
  • Use a claw grip and it should be gentle
  • Keep Practicing different techniques with different time frame
  • Stay focused while practicing by avoiding distraction as much as you can
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