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Jitter Click also known as Jitter Click Test is a method, commonly, used by pro gamer to check and improve jitter clicking speed at higher speed than regular clicking speed. In this method hand and wrist generate rapid vibration in a very specific controlled way, and transmit that vibration to the finger, by doing this it becomes very hard to touch or click the mouse button faster. Therefore, mastering the technique of jitter cps test becomes very difficult and needs a lot of practice.

How to Jitter Click?

There are few ways to learn how to Jitter click listed below.

  • First of all, learn to shake the forearm muscles to generate rapid vibration in your hand.
  • Make sure your wrist is as stiff as possible to produce the “jitter” effect.
  • With your stiffed wrists, the vibrations of your forearm will transfer to your finger.
  • As your fingers start vibrating, you can use it to burst numerous mouse clicks.

There are also number of tutorial videos, that can be found online for more clear picture of what is “jitter clicking” and also how to perform and practice it.

Jitter Click Mouse is sort of an exercise of your forearms and fingers and like any other exercise, there are risks for injuries as well. Try not to perform and practice this technique not longer than just few seconds in one go. This technique involves putting excessive strain to your wrist, hence, leading you to the injury. Avoid it and you are good to go.

Jitter Test – Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most commonly questions asked by people are listed below. We are trying our best to include and answer  every question related to Jitter Clicking Test so that all your ambiguities get resolved.

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