Jitter Click Test – How to Jitter click?

Jitter Click Test – learn how to jitter click safely. Our tool trains to test jitter clicking speed without getting any harm or injury.







What is Jitter Click Test ?

how to jitter clickJitter Click Test is a method, commonly, used by pro gamer to check and improve jitter clicking speed at higher speed than regular clicking speed in order to enhance their clicking speed and to perform better in PVP games. In this method hand and wrist generate rapid vibration in a very specific controlled way, and transmit that vibration to the finger. By doing this it becomes very hard to touch or click the mouse button faster. Therefore, mastering the technique of jitter cps test becomes very difficult and needs a lot of practice.

Types of Jitter Click Test

  • Jitter Test for Mouse

Jitter Mouse Test as the name clearly describes, this test consists of testing mouse jitter clicking speed test. Prime objective is testing your jitter speed for mouse.

Mouse Double Click Test is an other popular tool among people. You may try Double Click Tester in order to find your mouse clicking health, false clicks and impairment.

  • Jitter Test for Space bar

Jitter Space bar Test consists of checking and conducting jitter clicking test only using spacebar button. Primarily, pressing the space bar button using jitter technique in order to get higher clicking score manually. If you want to test Space Bar pressing speed, try our amazing Spacebar Counter tool.

How to Jitter Click?

There are few ways to learn how to Jitter click, listed below.

  • First of all, learn to shake the forearm muscles to generate rapid vibration in your hand.
  • Make sure your wrist is as stiff as possible to produce the “jitter” effect.
  • With your stiffed wrists, the vibrations of your forearm will transfer to your finger.
  • As your fingers start vibrating, you can use it to burst numerous mouse clicks.

There are also number of tutorial videos, that can be found online for more clear picture of what is jitter clicking and also how to perform and practice it.

How to measure Jitter Clicking Speed?

In order to measure and compare Jitter click mouse test with other clicking techniques, you need a bench mark click speed for a limited time. Mostly, people determine the clicking speed over a specific limited time. They count total number of clicks they performed then divide with total number of seconds. In this way they got clicking speed in terms of per second, which is called Clicks Per Second (CPS).

The most common time frame used by the gamer are 5 seconds and 1 second. Let’s explain this with an example. For instance, if you decide to measure your speed using Jitter test 5 seconds time duration and you got 45 clicks in 5 seconds. Then your Jitter CPS Speed would be 45/5 = 9 clicks in one second.

How to compare Jitter Clicks Speed Test with other Methods?

In order to compare Jitter Click Test with any other clicking method, first you need to test both methods and calculate total number of clicks you performed in each testing technique.

Most importantly, before you start testing with both methods, you have to select the same time duration. In this way, you would be able to more certain about results.

Is Jitter clicking faster than regular clicking?

Certainly, Jitter clicking is far more faster than regular clicking. According to statistical data reports Jitter method is approximately 2x faster than regular clicking. However, it is also more dangerous than regular clicking in fact – as user have to put more pressure to his/her finger, wrist and arm in order to attain rapid and fastest vibrating waves to achieve highest jitter test result.

Jitter Click Test Alternative Methods

There are many other alternative methods of clicking apart from “Jitter Clicking Test”. Reportedly, most famous techniques used by gamer are Regular Clicking, Butterfly Clicking and Drag Clicking.

  • Regular clicking also known for standard clicking is a most simple clicking method. Mostly, it’s used by newbie who don’t know anything about any other clicking method.
  • Butterfly Click Test consists of clicking your mouse with two fingers in order to get higher CPS speed. This is a very effective technique as you use two fingers to click the mouse rather than one finger as a result you achieve better clicking score.
  • Drag Clicking is an other clicking style which can’t be performed with your regular physical mouse. In order to perform this test you need to have some Special Mouse – Gaming Mouse. Click Testing has become very famous now day and people tend to buy Special Gaming Mouse in order to beat clicking records sets by rivals or friends. By using drag click test one can achieve insane score which you can’t obtain using any other clicking method. People get hundreds of CPS using this method, all you need to do is buy some special mouse and then try it using any online click speed tester tool.

Best Mouse for Jitter Clicking

jitter click testJitter CPS Testing comprise of hitting your mouse buttons with the pace of 2x faster than any other clicking method. Therefore, if you are using your regular mouse for Jitter speed testing, make sure your mouse can bear that pressure.

Taking this into consideration, mouse durability and quality must be your first concern for testing your mouse using jitter click method. Only a durable mouse can bear the so much hitting pressure and long lasted.

Secondly, there are two types of mouses being used now days. One type is called conventional or mechanical mouse which are most commonly used  and the other type is know as optical switch.

Mechanical VS Optical Switch Mouse

The main difference between these two types of mouses is signal transmitting time. The conventional mice transmits the clicking signal to the computer via sending an electric signal. On the contrary, Optical Switch Mouse passes the signal via infrared light beam which achieves actuation at the speed of light. Consequently, generates the fastest response time which is 0.2 milliseconds – 3x faster than mechanical mouse.

To test your mouse keys, buttons and scroll wheel, try our mouse testing tool

Jitter Testing – FAQ’s

Some of the most commonly questions asked by people are listed below. We are trying our best to include and answer  every question related to Jitter Clicking Test so that all your ambiguities get resolved.

What is Jitter Clicking?

Jitter Clicking, as described above, is faster clicking technique to get higher clicking score. It consists of putting lots of pressure via creating rapid vibes to your finger and wrist in very specific and controlled manner.

What is Jitter Click Challenge?

Jitter Clicking Challenge in simple words is to set a higher clicking score via jitter mouse click test  and challenging your friends and other gamer to compete that record. Sometime people also confront online or sitting side by side, playing one by one and confronting and challenging each other.

How to click faster without Jitter Clicking?

Looking for any other faster technique other than Jitter Clicker? Then you must try Butterfly technique – in this method you must use your two fingers for both mouse buttons one after other continuously. You can find further details about Butterfly Clicking Method HERE.

Is Jitter Clicking Faster?

A simple answer could be yes, as long as you are not using any hack or cheating methods. Using Jitter Clicker method to get higher CPS clicks speed is at least 2x faster than any other manual clicking method.

Is Jitter Clicking Safe?

Yes and No is the answer for the same. Confused? Let me describe briefly, If you are using Jitter Click Tester for a long time and also trying to get more than 20 CPS. It can be harmful and could lead to a serious injury because you are putting so much pressure to your finger, wrist and arm to generate extensive vibrations.

Jitter is safe only, if you are not practicing for longer time and also keeping it under the radar which is less than 20 clicks in one second. Then it is totally safe to use.

Is Jitter Clicking Bad?

Jitter Mouse Clicking is sort of an exercise of your forearms and fingers and like any other exercise, there are risks for injuries as well. Try not to perform and practice this technique not longer than just few seconds in one go. This technique involves putting excessive strain to your wrist, hence, leading you to the injury. Avoid it and you are good to go.

What is Jitter click world record?

The world record for most clicks using Jitter test tool is 19 CPS using Jitter Speed Test 5 second time duration.